from/per person 550
  • Tour Leader
  • 5 Days
  • Min Person 1
  • Max Person 10




Adults: €550 per adult

Children: €550 per child

What is including

Accomodation     Hotel  4* centrally  located.   4 nights   Breakfast included

All transfers and sightseeing

Guide during the stay of the group

All  Greek tax

Group insurance.



  Arrival in  Makedonia Airport of Thessaloniki . Transfer to Hotel  4*.

Visiting Thessaloniki is a very interesting opportunity! Thessaloniki is the city that combines everything from nightlife, culture, religious monuments, great cuisine and tradition!

Our  team will have you enjoy the taste of life as Greeks do and learn about their daily life through a pleasant Thessaloniki day tour.



THESSALONIKI   northern capital of Greece SIGHTSEEING TOUR

This superb tour of Thessaloniki is an excellent way to get to know the city, with our professional, knowledgeable guide to lead the way. 
 Thessaloniki is the Metropolis of Macedonia, the second largest city in Greece and one of the oldest cities in Europe. It stretches over twelve kilometers in a bowl formed by low hills facing a bay that opens into the Gulf of Thermaikos; it is characterized by a thriving intellectual, commercial and industrial life. We include some of the most memorable and important sights, such as the White Tower, the city's important landmark built in 1430. We'll explore the exhibition grounds, Galerius Arch, the Rotonda Monument, the Citadel, and many more important spots and monuments. We will stop at the City Walls, from where you have a marvelous view of Thessaloniki. We will also visit St. Dimitrios Byzantine church, and we'll take a walk along one of the most famous seaside promenades in the country, lined with many cafes and restaurants. The city has large avenues, parks and squares, commercial streets lined with trees and elegant shop-windows, an abundance of neoclassical buildings, modern dwellings and old neighbourhoods with winding cobblestone alleys. Yesterday meets today at old taverns, ouzeries and restaurants next to lush hotels and bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres and cosy sidewalk cafes. After the sightseeing tour you will have an opportunity to explore and sense this unique atmosphere!
The excursion lasts 5 hours. Please put on comfortable shoes.


3rd DAY:

  M.Olympos-Dion- Vergina - The path of ancient Greek mythology

During our excursion we will visit Dion - the ancient town and sanctuary of Twelve Olympians located at the foot of Mount Olympus. The Macedonians used to gather at Dion to honor the Olympian gods with sacrifices and offerings. 
Rich discoveries cast much light on the history of Dion and the history of the Macedonians in general. Of particular importance were the results of the study of the religious practices of the ancient Macedonians. The sanctuaries of the gods, the Greek and Roman theatres and the stadium were found spread over a large area outside the city walls. The excavations also brought to light finds related to the worship of other gods, such as a group of statues depicting Asclepius and his family. Next to the theatre, at the Temple of Dionysos, sculptures, inscriptions and more structures have been found. From the Sanctuary of Zeus come several inscriptions and the base of a big statue of King Cassander. 
Traditionally regarded as the heavenly abode of the Greek gods and the site of the throne of Zeus, Olympus seems to have originally existed as an idealized mountain that only later came to be associated with a specific peak. It is certainly a beautiful place, yet to draw upon the real magic of Olympus one must come as a pilgrim and stay some quiet days in the woods.
Our next stop will be in Vergina the first capital of ancient Macedonia. It is here that we will visit the royal tombs that were brought to light in 1977. Among these tombs lies that of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great), in which funeral gifts of inestimable historical value were found. The town became internationally famous in 1977, when the Greek archaeologist ManolisAndronikos unearthed what he claimed was the burial site of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The finds established the site as the ancient Aigai. 

The excursion lasts for 5 hours


4th DAY:


 Meteora is an area in Thessaly (central Greece) and Kalampaka is the city under the rock towers of Meteora. The thing that makes Meteora so special is the monasteries on the top of the rock towers. The monasteries, the amount of peaks to climb and the paths for hiking brings many tourists to Meteora all year round.
The Greek word meteora means ''suspended in the air'' and our words meteorite and meteology come from the same root. The conglomerate rock at Meteora has eroded into fantastic peaks upon which medieval monks built monasteries, several of which are still alive. At the present time there are 6 monasteries: 2 monasteries and 2 convents. At the 15 monasteries are not inhabited and partly dilapidated. You will have an opportunity during our excursion to visit 1 monastery and 1 convent, as well as the icon workshop where the ancient traditions of Byzantine icon-painting are still preserved.
The isolated monasteries of Meteora helped keep Greek Orthodox religious traditions and Hellenic culture alive during the turbulent Middle Ages and Ottoman Turk occupation of Greece (1453-1829).
In 1988, UNESCO declared Meteora to be a World Heritage Site!

Departure at 6.00 a.m, the excursion – from 10.00 till 16.00



Day at leisure . Thessaloniki since ancient years was the city where East meets with West, a crossroad of civilizations! A huge commercial centre not only for Greece but for the whole Balkan region, Thessaloniki today is not only a beautiful European city but also retains strong sense of history! Contemporary buildings, age-old buildings, and of course the numerous Byzantine monuments are blending perfectly and creating a friendly environment!

Though this city tour you will walk with our escort in the hidden markets of Thessaloniki. This city still preserves professions from the past and with you will discover markets where locals are producing in a traditional way jewellery, leather, bronze and copper products!

 Afternoon   Depature to  Airport/