from/per person 60
  • Tour Leader
  • 4 hours
  • Max Person 15



Corfu is famous for its traditional cuisine, which is strongly influenced by the island’s 400 years long Venetian occupation.

Corfiot  cuisine is known for its Mediterranean character and Venetian influence. These two sides are combined to create some of the most delicious dishes you’ve ever tasted. Based on spices, olive oil, legumes, vegetables, meat and pasta, Corfiot cuisine takes traditional Greek cuisine to another level!

Starting from Sanroco square, where the heart of Corfu town , you will begin a journey through the taste of  Corfu that you won't forget anytime soon. After meeting your food-loving guide, set off on an exploration that will introduce you to the local culinary scene. In this 4-hour experience, your guide will share with you insights into the enduring history of Greek food and the local culture. Starting your day with a traditional greek(filo) pie from a family-run shop, you will be lead to hidden culinary gems inside the market that only locals know about. You will visit many different food and pastry shops, off-the-beaten-path taverns & traditional restaurants, while you will also explore the  Local Open Market, Corfiot s  gastronomy life.

Strolling with an expert local means nothing will get past you. You'll learn why food is a special element of Greek culture; the variety of fresh and organic ingredients that the Greek land provides us with during each season; how different spices have different uses and what makes Greek cuisine so special. Featuring 10 delicious tastings like noubolo,  sikomaidafeta cheese,porpetes,tsigareli and the famous Corfiot olives, you'll get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what Corfu island has to offer.


Adults: €60 per adult

Children: €35 per child

What is including

  A 4-hour Greek gastronomy tour, where you will taste traditional Greek Corfiot recipes -always fresh and seasonal- the  Corfiot cuisine will make you redefine deliciousness


Food and  Beverage - wine-local soft drinks